The 2024 Parish Meeting Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 9th April. 

Relevant papers may be downloaded from here.


The latest edition of the Parish Magazine can be downloaded from this link.



We are too small to warrant a Parish Council, so we have a Parish Meeting, as determined by the Local Government Act 1972.  

The Parish Meeting is only obliged to elect a Chairman, but we also encourage parishioners to perform the roles of Secretary and Treasurer. These posts are voluntary and unpaid. Various working groups are also convened from time to time, as needed.

By law, Parish Meetings must take place at least twice each year, and every parishioner is encouraged to attend; all may speak and those who are also registered Local Authority Electors may vote at the meetings. Only those who are present at the meetings may vote - proxies are not legal.

It is also currently illegal to hold Parish Meetings online.


Hunston is a small Suffolk hamlet and civil parish set in a conservation area of Mid-Suffolk, nearly nine miles east of the centre of Bury St Edmunds.

It is set in flattish farmland which is mostly arable. Hunston (called Hunterstuna in 1096) has a name that goes back a thousand years to the sound of the chase and galloping horses.

'Huns' is a much abused, much contracted version of the original hunteres - ie hunter. 'Ton' means 'a settlement' and so it was from here that our ancestors went out into the marshes and woods in search of rabbit, deer, foxes, beavers, bears, wolves and boar.